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Shannon Fox

1. I dog-ear my pages.

2. I always have to mark out the exact center of the book….sometimes when my OCD is super kicked-up, that will also devolve into quarters and thirds.

3. Whenever I stop reading, I have to stop at the end of a chapter or at the end of a page/paragraph. Extra points if I end on a page number that ends in five or zero.

4. If someone gives me a book to read and says that they love it and I try to read that book and don’t like it, I will say I finished it and liked it.

5. Whenever I’m reading a hardcover, I take off the book jacket.

6. I sometimes underline or highlight good passages in my books.

7. I don’t utilize the library anywhere near as much as I should.

8. I often read several books at once.

9. When…

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Classic Lit

I’ve loved classic literature ever since I started reading on a serious basis. Really. My first classic was Last of the Mohicans by James Fenimore Cooper and I was off and running. My grandparents subscribed to a classic book club and I think probably I was the only one who read them. You know that cracking sound a book makes when you’re the first open it….. Yea…. that happened. I was so careful not to disturb them (the books and grandparents, both), thinking I was breaking the spine which I knew was a No-No, I read them only a quarter of a way open. Twelve years old geeks are such a funny group of people …. always thinking they’re wrong.



Mother got up at noon today which actually was good. I went to sleep at 3:30 am after napping on her bed after dinner last night. I’ve done that 2 nights in a row. Mother is eating her dinners more and more in the comfort of her recliner. She doesn’t like it when I get up from a very uncomfortable ladies chair after sharing our meal and leave to clean up. I’ve tried staying with her but her chairs are so uncomfortable, I end up propping myself on her pillows on the bed. For me, that is a direct command to sleep. I can sleep anywhere at anytime so staying awake on a real bed is not an option. I can’t do that anymore. Period. I’m going back to my very old routine of cleaning up and taking whatever dog is in the house out for a long walk. Haven’t done that in years and it shows.

So…… Mother has spent the whole day, after waking, on the couch pretending to read the paper and a few periodicals.

As I’ve moved about, doing this and that and the other I realized one of Mother’s new habits of speech. She uses 2 “words” almost exclusively. Huh? and Yuck! I’ve become so accustomed to her verbal short hand, I know how to answer appropriately. Now I’m beginning to realize how simple it is to communicate in the briefest of form. It’s liberating. If she were a small child, of course I wouldn’t encourage the language behavior but with Alzheimer’s we make our own rules.

Moving on

I want to be near family…..  desperately!  My closest friends are on the East coast and I miss them as well.  I have fun acquaintances here but not deep down dear friends.

I won’t be moving until mother goes into memory care and who knows when that will be.  Right now, at the rate she’s going it will be over a year from now or maybe more.  She’s 91 and healthier than anyone can imagine.  Her Dr. is amazed by her numbers and they remain consistent.

I’m feeling out different areas, trying to find one that suits me best.  I need a pretty high level of arts within an hour of me to make me content and no more than 2 hours from my daughter.  She said the same about State College Andy said but her mother-in-law lives there so she ends up there about once a month and on holidays.

I’d like to be close enough to get there and enjoy the festivities which are so sorely missing from my life.

I love cold weather.  I’m never happier than when it’s nasty outside.  We don’t get much of that here and if I go through many more summers of months on end in the 3 digits, I’ll go insane.  I don’t need restaurants and shops (can’t afford them) but do need an art gallery, a community ctr with pool & exercise and a good grocery store.

I’ll find it.

Back to it!

Texas Tornado


Priyadarshi Saket
‎”Life is about not knowing, having to change, taking the moment and making the best of it, without knowing what’s going to happen next.”

This QUOTE appeared on my screen as a booming voice announced over the intercom telling

everyone in my loft complex to go down to the basement as we are under a tornado watch.

Everyone in the building rushed downstairs, bringing their dogs and children.

It was an almost perfect storm shelter—below the ground and only a few windows near the entry.

So what do you do when you are sitting in a basement with dozens of your neighbors? I brought my computer and cellphone. Most people brought ipods.

How people dealt with being in the basement anticipating a tornado;

Urban market is probably the only place that appreciated the tornado. It was good for business. Dozens, perhaps hundreds of people were waiting in the basement.

News from smart phones and computers was shared. Predictions and contradicting reports spread through the basement

I noticed what people were purchasing at Urban Market:

1. The man in front of me got three bottles of water and a pack of cigarettes.

2. I got a Snickers Ice Cream bar. Chocolate and ice cream are universal comfort food

3. Lady behind me got a six-pack of beer and a candy bar.

4. Perhaps the wisest woman was the one who bought a bottle of Barefoot Wine. Not for herself, she insisted, but a neighbor who was really nervous

5. I wondered if the man who bought six large bottles of water was a pessimist. He said he just never got down to the basement.

The building survived and so did the residents.

Madelyn Miller, the TravelLady

74 Pam Hughes

Every morning, at breakfast time, I set Mother’s place with her breakfast;  vitamins and pills in a special shot glass, glasses and hearing aids. Oops. This morning Mother asked if she was supposed to swallow “this one since it’s so big” Went to look….. You got it. She was just about to try and swallow one of her hearing aids. Let the day begin…..

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