Mother got up at noon today which actually was good. I went to sleep at 3:30 am after napping on her bed after dinner last night. I’ve done that 2 nights in a row. Mother is eating her dinners more and more in the comfort of her recliner. She doesn’t like it when I get up from a very uncomfortable ladies chair after sharing our meal and leave to clean up. I’ve tried staying with her but her chairs are so uncomfortable, I end up propping myself on her pillows on the bed. For me, that is a direct command to sleep. I can sleep anywhere at anytime so staying awake on a real bed is not an option. I can’t do that anymore. Period. I’m going back to my very old routine of cleaning up and taking whatever dog is in the house out for a long walk. Haven’t done that in years and it shows.

So…… Mother has spent the whole day, after waking, on the couch pretending to read the paper and a few periodicals.

As I’ve moved about, doing this and that and the other I realized one of Mother’s new habits of speech. She uses 2 “words” almost exclusively. Huh? and Yuck! I’ve become so accustomed to her verbal short hand, I know how to answer appropriately. Now I’m beginning to realize how simple it is to communicate in the briefest of form. It’s liberating. If she were a small child, of course I wouldn’t encourage the language behavior but with Alzheimer’s we make our own rules.


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