Moving on

I want to be near family…..  desperately!  My closest friends are on the East coast and I miss them as well.  I have fun acquaintances here but not deep down dear friends.

I won’t be moving until mother goes into memory care and who knows when that will be.  Right now, at the rate she’s going it will be over a year from now or maybe more.  She’s 91 and healthier than anyone can imagine.  Her Dr. is amazed by her numbers and they remain consistent.

I’m feeling out different areas, trying to find one that suits me best.  I need a pretty high level of arts within an hour of me to make me content and no more than 2 hours from my daughter.  She said the same about State College Andy said but her mother-in-law lives there so she ends up there about once a month and on holidays.

I’d like to be close enough to get there and enjoy the festivities which are so sorely missing from my life.

I love cold weather.  I’m never happier than when it’s nasty outside.  We don’t get much of that here and if I go through many more summers of months on end in the 3 digits, I’ll go insane.  I don’t need restaurants and shops (can’t afford them) but do need an art gallery, a community ctr with pool & exercise and a good grocery store.

I’ll find it.

Back to it!


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